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SWSC walk January 15th 2017.
On the Saturday the Lake District weather was beautiful, dry, crisp, blue sky. Unfortunately, the SWSC walk was planned for the Sunday. The forecast was for heavy rain all day. However, by the 10.30 start the forecast was much better and 11 souls met at Tarn Hows car park. I did not count up but, I guess there was about 300 years sailing experience in the group? Not so sure about experience in the mountains?
Our route took us along the West side of Tarn Hows and then a slight dog leg to one of the smaller 'Wainwright' hills, Black Crag (323 metres). From there along a track to briefly meet the main Ambleside road to Coniston. Quickly crossing the road we walked along the single track road with the occasional grumble at the 'off road' range Rover drivers. The old joke about 'Whats the difference between a Range Rover driver and a hedgehog,' made an appearance. (Apologies to any Range Rover drivers in the club.)
A dry lunch was taken at some big boulders just after peering into the depths of Hodge Close quarry . (Here the only complaint of the day was heard when Joe suggested that the boulders were too big.) Then we progressed uphill to the summit of Holme Fell (317 metres) being met by the first glimpses of blue sky and some tremendous views of the surrounding mountains. We then dropped down to High Yewdale Farm, once owned by Beatrix Potter. From there we made an ascent of Glen Mary passing an impressively flowing 'Tom Gill falls' and then rejoining the Tarn Hows path.
After a technologically confirmed 9 miles, (a little further than the piece of string John Wright (the younger one) used to measure the distance) we all retired to the Drunken Duck for a well earned drink. A very pleasant day proved that often it is getting out of the car that is the most difficult part of a potentially wet walk.
Thanks to John C Wright for this article.
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