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SWSC Racing MarksThe duties of the Officer of the Day are:

a. to organise racing as in the sailing programme or to cancel it
b. to provide safety facilities as appropriate
c. to complete the race results sheet and display it on the club board
d. to ensure that all boats and equipment are correctly stored and the premises locked.

Sailing Instructions:

Every member has a copy of the Sailing Instructions in their Year Book.
The Sailing Instructions are an integral part of the Racing Rules and everyone should be familiar with them. If the OOD is faced with a problem he should seek assistance of the Sailing Secretary, a member of the Sailing Committee or other Committee member.

Some points to consider when setting the course:

  •  Where is the wind from? - the first leg should be a beat, preferable ending in a port hand mark.
  • What will I use as the start line? - it should be more or less at right angles to the wind and long enough for the number of dinghies. The S mark is very useful.
  • Do I need to moor the committee boat further out? - there must be enough room behind the start line for boats to manoeuvre.
  • How strong is the wind? - not too big a course in light airs.
  • Are any of the marks in areas with no wind? - don’t set them on the course.
  • Have I included several points of sailing? - variety is fairer to different classes.
  • How many laps? - too few and the race cannot be extended, better too many and shorten course.
  • Where will the finish be? - a beat is better for the last leg.
  • Are any of the marks hooked? - check the rounding sides with a sketch.


For full details on the Officer of the Day's duties, or other vital bits of information, see below